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We have found it best to place some restrictions on what sponsors can give. We support many families who are living on the poverty level, many under $2 per day. If we do not place some guidelines and restrictions on the type and size of gifts we may inadvertently encourage a level of dependancy. We could also encourage feelings of jealousy between children in the village.

Our staff encourage the children to understand that gifts are to  be encouragements from sponsors, signs of their genuine love and best wishes for their child and not to be taken as something to expect. We encourage children to study diligently and strive to achieve all that they can to become the person they were created to be.

As a guideline we suggest you can give up to $200 a year to your sponsored child. This could perhaps be a $100 birthday gift and a $100 general gift.

Children who are studying at university have greater costs cost the yearly gift to them might be up to $500

If you wanted to give to the family in general this could be up to an additional $1,000.

These are guidelines for sponsors who feel they would like to make additional gifts.

Sponsors should not include messages about financial gifts in their letters to their child. This creates expectations which can be harmful.

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