When you sponsor you change a life

There is never a “one plan fits all” in a sponsorship solution. Activities that help in one area or one country don’t always work in another. In fact, rarely can something simply be inserted into another culture. The culture and expectations in society are unique in many ways. 

So we tailor our child sponsorship programs to respect this. Our heart is to utilise the best methods appropriate from both East and Western practices. Being a Heart for Kids child sponsor helps bring change in various ways depending on the child and their circumstances.

In some areas, we are providing foster homes for children to bring them out of the institutionalised orphanages and into a family environment. This is preparing them for future adoption.

Sponsoring a child makes a big difference

I used to be unsure about sponsoring children, did the money really reach them and what was done with it. Since visiting personally I have developed a different view..."

child being cradled by carer

In another situation, child sponsorship results in children being able to stay in school and not have to leave early to work growing their family crops. Elsewhere we’re providing daily therapy and training in life skills in a culture where until recently special needs children may not ever get out of their home.

How does child sponsorship help bring change? Our hope is to help address the physical, emotional, economic. and spiritual needs of the children in our Heart for Kids family. We’re helping provide medical care when needed, and in as many ways as possible letting the child know in their spirit that they are loved and special.

As a child sponsor, you have the opportunity to sow into the life of a child. Your participation in child sponsorship helps bring change to many. In our foster homes we need more than one sponsor per child but for children in other programs, you are their only sponsor. Start your impact path here.

If you are a person of prayer and would like to join a small team of people who pray for the children specifically click here.

Helping kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

Safe water bores are currently being installed in 1 village per month.

That keeps between 1300 and 2000 children and family members safe.

We would love to do more.

Old unsafe water pumps

New safe water bores

old village water pump - unsafe
girl in front of safe water tap

These children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with at the end of this financial year.

Girl in Indonesia project

It's not too late. Help children have safe water and safe places to learn this Christmas - new year

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Indian children with safe water