Fundraising ideas

Make a difference. Be Creative in telling others about Heart For Kids

Start your own online fundraising

Do you want to start a fundraising event of your own? You can with JustGiving.  You can have your own online page where supporters, friends, work colleagues, Facebook friends or just about anyone can support you.  Click the JustGiving button below, follow the prompts to open your account and start your event. It might be an afternoon tea, entering a race, shaving your head or anything. You might just ask people to donate to help raise funds for wherever they are most needed in Heart For Kids.

Start fundraising today and blessing the orphans and kids we serve for their future.                        Start fundraising with JustGiving

 Find us on FacebookThere are lots of creative ways to spread the message. Like us on FACEBOOK and then Share what excites you or challenges you about our ministry with your friends. Feel free to share any stories you read from our website or newsletter.

instagram25x25Follow us on Instagram and let others see what we’re doing.

You can e-mail friends and let them know whats happening; that’s easy and creative.

If you have a website or blog you can add links or ads that link to Heart For Kids. We can help with images or banners if you need, just send us your ideas.

Chat for Heart For Kids

Meet for a drink, a coffee or tea and chat about Heart For Kids

Coffee Chats or Tea Talks

Catching up with friends or colleagues for a coffee or tea is always enjoyable.  Why not do “coffee with a purpose”. This is a simple and powerful way you can be a voice for the Heart For Kids family of orphans and children living in poverty, as you go about your everyday life.

It’s just 4 easy steps:

1. Invite a friend around for a coffee or go out to a cafe.

2. Ask your friend about their interests and passions.

3. Encourage them to use these gifts to help others.

4. Gently challenge your friends, family or colleagues. We can ALL do something to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Share about your heart for the work of Heart For Kids.

Have fun and fundraise!

Do you have a passion to support the work of our children’s programs? Why not hold a fundraising event with your friends, family, work mates or church group? It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Choose a fundraising idea to suit your interests – e.g. if you are part of a craft group, you may decide to host a knitting, sewing or scrapbooking party and raise funds for Doves Wings.

2. Let us know what you are planning – we can supply you with some helpful information, materials and support.

3. Have fun! Enjoy the event and remember that every dollar raised is a huge blessing to our brothers and sisters in Asia.

Hold an Heart For Kids Party

Hold a party, with a purpose – a #LetsHelpOneMore party! This is where we take some creative fun and turn it into transformation.

Here’s a few ideas!

  • Don’t go out and spend a lot in a restaurant… have a night in with your friends. Enjoy DVDs, popcorn, chips and games – then donate what you would have spent on a night out.
  • Dance the night away with a dance or dress-up party.
  • Host a dinner party and raise money for your project of choice.
  • Make toys or other small projects like candles etc with friends and fundraise for our children.
  • Encourage guests to donate the value of the gift they were going to buy you to Heart For Kids at your next birthday party.

Invite a Speaker!

We have a variety of speakers, based in Sydney, available for your church or event. When you spread the word about Heart For Kids, more unreached people will be reached – more lives changed, more children and families transformed!

Invite a speaker to your:

  • church service/s
  • business seminar
  • youth group
  • home group
  • leadership team
  • fundraising dinner
  • craft group
  • mission conference
  • school/Sunday School
  • Bible College
  • women’s or men’s meetings

Enter an event!

Run for Heart For Kids

Run for Heart For Kids

Enter an event such as a City to Surf run and encourage friends, family and colleagues to sponsor your run. You could also enter a bike ride, a walk or any type of event like these.

Do you have a hobby, sport, business, or a special gift or ability which you could use to help raise funds for China’s orphans or children living in poverty? There are lots of creative ways you can help.

We’d love to support you, Send us a message with your ideas.

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