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It’s a partnership that makes a difference in the lives of the child and their family. We are serving each child not just for a month or year but our commitment to them is for whatever period they are living in poverty and need. Therefore our desire is that sponsors will consider this a long-term partnership that will bring change not only in their child’s life but undoubtedly in the sponsor’s life too.

What does child sponsorship cost?

Child sponsorship is $45.00 Australian per month.

What is child sponsorship?

Child sponsorship is a means of raising long-term support for the child until they complete their high school education and can take care of themselves. It is a rich and rewarding experience for the sponsors. We hope that you can commit to at least one year of support when you sign up for this sponsorship program. Your sponsorship provides needy children, their families and communities with lasting practical support.

How does sponsorship work?

When you choose to be a child sponsor, you create a special bond with a child who is in great need. You will make a huge difference to a child’s future by providing them with an opportunity to meet their basic needs and to receive an education, which is so vital in breaking the poverty cycle.

We encourage you to write to your sponsored child, send photos and small gifts to create a bond with them and to let them know that care about them. You’ll find that sponsorship is incredibly rewarding for you too. Through letters and reports, you can see the progress of your sponsored child and their community over the years, and know that you have made a difference to a child’s life and future.

We forward letters by e-mail to our inland workers, so we ask that you not use any religious terms as some e-mails are being censored by the government. Our workers will translate your letter and take both copies to the child on the next visit. Children are encouraged to write back to their sponsors. Our workers will translate their letter into English and send it to us by e-mail.

Where does my money go?

Child sponsorship sows into our various projects allowing us to impact groups of children in our projects. Child sponsorship enables us to open centers like Doves Wings, Morning Light and Home of Love. It enables children to remain in school. Many are forced to leave school due to family poverty and not being able to afford education. So we provide educational scholarships to help break a very real cycle of children growing up without education and continuing the poverty cycle. Child sponsorship also enables us to provide medical care and sow into community programs where needed.

We are proud to say that our administration percentages are quite low and so the children benefit more from your sponsorship through Heart For Kids.

How long will my sponsorship last?

We hope for long term relationships between sponsor and child. Our work is long-term and committed support from sponsors allows us to achieve lasting results. However long you will be with us, your sponsorship is very important to us. Children are normally sponsored until they reach the age of 18. Circumstances can however change during your sponsorship: the child’s family might migrate to another area, our work within that community might come to an end or your financial circumstances could change.

When you sponsor a child you’ll receive:

  • A digital photo card of your child and a sponsorship welcome kit
  • Regular e-newsletter from Heart For Kids, generally every 2 months
  • Up to two letters yearly from your child
  • An update should anything significant change in the situation of your child

We encourage sponsors to participate in the life of their child.

How can this happen:

  • Pray regularly for your child and their family
  • By writing to your child with updates from your life and pictures. These letters allow your child to share in your life and relationships are built. These letters will be forwarded to your child as and when our team are visiting them.
  • Provide gifts for your child’s birthday or Christmas. We’re not able to send actual gifts to your child so a gift of money is the best method. This will then be used locally to bless your child.
  • Commit to a long term relationship with your child.
  • You can write a letter to your child by clicking here

Are birthday gifts to your child tax deductible?

Yes they certainly are and they are a real blessing to your child and their families

We have more Frequently Asked Questions here

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