You’ll hopefully find these situations for children sad… and the numbers unimaginably high… but you are one person who can change a life
this Christmas

Safe water and the lack of education are huge problems. 

Today, 1.42 billion people – including 450 million children – live in areas of high or extremely high water vulnerability. Less than 3 per cent of the world’s water resources is freshwater, and it is growing increasingly scarce. *

Conflict, COVID, the climate crisis and rising costs have combined in 2022 to create jeopardy for up to 828 million hungry people across the world ** The COVID-19 pandemic increased global food insecurity in almost every country.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, about 258 million children and youth are out of school, according to UIS data for the school year ending in 2018. The total includes 59 million children of primary school age, 62 million of lower secondary school age and 138 million of upper secondary age.***

These are big numbers which can often cause us to become paralysed into inaction. But you don’t have to be paralysed. God has called us to help children’s life stories be re-written, and you can help individual kids in communities where He has called us.

These problems are faced by many of the children and families where we serve. Their villages only have old pumps which are shallow in depth and only deliver dirty, smelly, polluted and unsafe water which makes them sick.

Children must walk sometimes up to 4 or 5 kilometres to fill water bottles. And then carry these heavy bottles back home doing their best not to spill their precious cargo.

But safe water is the dream for many children… to be able to turn a tap and fill your glass with clean, safe and nice tasting water. Just like kids they hear about in other countries. Just like our kids.

But how is that ever going to happen?

Children in India

Many children can’t go to school

unsafe water flowing in village

Unsafe water flows through villages

boy with safe water

Children are safe and well when water is given

Your Christmas gift will bring big results because 82% of your gift to Heart for Kids goes directly to the project.

Mid last year, a couple from England were incredibly generous and gave a complete safe water bore for a village in India. Then as Christmas approached they very generously donated a second water bore in the names of all their grandchildren. This not only taught the grandchildren the impact their family could have but also gave a whole village, nearly 2,000 people, the clean safe water they had been dreaming of.

Christmas is here, but for so many children Christmas is just something they hear about other people celebrating. In their families, while they may know about Christmas and believe in it, they are not able to give presents. It’s hard enough to buy food, go to school or even drink safe water, let alone spend a lot of money on presents.

Please help a child celebrate Christmas this year by giving safe water, or education, or even a small gift of a lunchbox. And help them re-write their life story by bringing ongoing change for them. 

Boy in India drinking safe water

Safe water tastes sweet and does not make children sick

You and I have the means to make a difference for these children today. Generous donations from people like you each Christmas are making an ongoing impact for children in India, Indonesia, and China. I am hoping [and praying] you will act on their behalf. Please don’t put it off, do it now and even do it multiple times by sharing this email with some friends or colleagues.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story and for your gifts for these children in need this Christmas. We need individuals like you and our church partners to help because we won’t spend large amounts on advertising. Our prayer is “Please God bring people to help these children”. 

I hope you have a very safe, happy and holy Christmas and new year season.

David with one of our Tailoring School graduates

This is how you can help

Safe water bores are currently being installed in 1 village per month.

That keeps between 1300 and 2000 children and family members safe.

We would love to do more.

Old unsafe water pumps

New safe water bores

old village water pump - unsafe
girl in front of safe water tap