Heart For Kids Volunteer

A Heart For Kids volunteer

Our volunteers play a valuable role in our ongoing work serving China’s orphans and children in poverty. People with a passionate desire to help orphans are instrumental in helping us make a difference. You can serve outside China and still have impact.

You can volunteer by joining an international team to China which we run through the year. There are also opportunities to serve outside China in various areas.

A volunteer is defined as “someone providing a service through a formal organisation, by choice, without financial remuneration and for the benefit of the community”. We value our volunteers and what they bring to the Heart For Kids team through their skills, gifts and talents.


Currently these roles are available outside China:

Updated August 6

Principles of volunteering

Heart For Kids recognises the principles of volunteering created by Volunteering Australia in relation to our work with volunteers.

  • Volunteering benefits the community and the volunteer.
  • Volunteer work is unpaid.
  • Volunteering is always a matter of choice.
  • Volunteering is not compulsorily undertaken to receive pensions or government allowances.
  • Volunteering is a legitimate way in which citizens can participate in the activities of their community.
  • Volunteering is a vehicle for individuals or groups to address human, environmental and social needs.
  • Volunteering is an activity performed in the not for profit sector only.
  • Volunteering is not a substitute for paid work.
  • Volunteers do not replace paid workers nor constitute a threat to the job security of paid workers.
  • Volunteering respects the rights, dignity and culture of others.
  • Volunteering promotes human rights and equality.