Aaral would love to go to school

This is Aaral*… she was 11 in this photo when she liveed with her mother, father and two younger siblings in India. Her father is addicted to both drugs and alcohol and he is abusive towards his children. Nearly all his income is spent on his addiction. Her mother can’t work due to chronic migraines.

Indian girl

Aaral stopped attending school at the age of 7 because her parents wouldn’t take her to school. She is an active and caring girl in one of our program centres in India. Aaral worries constantly about her parents; she prays for them every day. Her favourite activities are singing and telling stories but sadly, like many children in similar circumstances, she constantly lives in fear of her abusive father.

The child Development Centre she attends has approximately 40 children. Nearly all the children in our centres are prevented from going to school because they are not educated enough. Hard to understand but true.

In the Child Development Centers we provide care and education to the children. These children came from the slums, streets, poverty stricken homes and jails where they have suffered cold, hunger and have been abused by others, and have suffered many other indescribable cruelties. There is a big demand for Child Development centers in many rural villages in India as there are thousands of children waiting for an opportunity for education and care. 

If you sponsor a girl or boy like Aaral, in India or China, you will make a world of difference in their life. We know young adults who were sponsored by Heart for Kids supporters for their education, including university, who now have futures with real hope. And their offspring will have much better futures. It’s present and future generations that are being impacted.

Helping kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

These children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with at the end of this financial year.

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Indian children with safe water