Letters – are there general guidlines

  1. Letters need to be translated and we have a wonderful team who perform this task. So they are not overloaded though we ask that you limit your letters to 250 words. 
  2. Please keep your letters simple as this makes it easier to both translate and for the children to understand
  3. Your letters should include little pieces of news about you or your family and words of encouragement for your child
  4. As you encourage your child to do well in school (for instance) please don’t labour the point so the child does not feel additional pressure. Many are under enough pressure from family, friends and society in this area already.
  5. It’s OK to let your child know you are praying for their health (for instance) but sometimes we may need to edit letters which may be to explicit in this area.
  6. Please limit your letters to one every four months maximum so our translation team are able to keep up.
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