Heart For Kids Friends

The term friends of Heart For Kids represents an important group within the our support team.

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We value all our supporters but we want to acknowledge that there are business people & organisations who have seen an opportunity. They have chosen to sow into the life of children in need, living in orphanages or in poverty.

Heart For Kids children

children write letters to their sponsors

We have many individual supporters and some businesses, churches and other organisations impacting lives. Each supporter, individual or corporate, helps bring change for orphans & kids living in poverty and abandonment, 1 x 1.

Many business people really want to make a difference in the world. They are skillful, successful entrepreneurs. They are now able to help others because of their own success. They have recognised that we often have so much at our fingertips that is often taken for granted. Yet millions in Asia are living on just a few dollars each day, with no hope of gaining the sort of education that we often expect is simply “normal”.

David Ryan, founder and Executive Director of Heart For Kids, has been a small business owner himself for over 30 years. David understands the challenges of leading a small business. Having experienced a call to develop Heart For Kids he lives out the opportunity for corporate sponsors to sow into the lives of people in need.

Others in the business world have come alongside Heart For Kids and are helping impact lives.  But the need continues to grow.

Many businesses really want to be involved in helping others.

Many businesses’ find this is an ideal way to sow back into their homeland, where there is so much need. We would love to discuss with you how your company could partner with us.

If your company is involved in education, our Morning Light training centre might be just the place for you to join in as they are training children with special needs or challenges to cope with everyday life. Is your company teaching or selling products associated with the music or dance field? Our Little Fish program, which teaches music and dance within orphanages, could be just the area that your team would connect with.

Heart For Kids operates very leanly in a financial sense, historically 83% of gifts and donations are allocated directly to the project to bring change for children.

We want to acknowledge and say thank you to the business and foundation friends of Heart For Kids.

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