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Please don’t forget me… it’s the plea of many orphans… it’s our passion to never forget them

So many orphans and children in need say please don’t forget me. It’s what many of them fear most, that once someone has visited they will again be forgotten. But that’s not what we do. We consider our sponsored children as a large family. They come from a wide age group from babies to young adults. Some are orphans living in our foster apartments. Some are children in families suffering the effects of poverty. They are often orphans who are living in the shadow of abandonment. Their education is in doubt so their future is often bleak. Sometimes they been accepted into high school but can’t afford fees or books.

 We provide care and protection for children in China, India and Indonesia.


The children being sponsored from China are living in either our Doves Wings homes, orphanages or rural villages. Children in villages are in very extremely poor circumstances. Education scholarships are one way we help village children. We also provide programs for children and adults with special needs living in orphanages.


We need sponsors for children attending our Child Development Centres. These children come from the slums, streets, poverty-stricken homes and jails where they have suffered cold, hunger and have been abused by others, and have suffered many other indescribable cruelties. There is a big demand for Child Development Centres in many rural villages in North India as there are thousands of children waiting for an opportunity for education and care.

We also support 3 child welfare homes which provide a safe environment for children who would otherwise be trapped in unsafe situations. We also provide support for nearly 200 ladies registered in the program helping ladies who are HIV+


With our partner, we’re providing a program for young adults from extremely poor areas of Indonesia who have come to the city where they can get an education and mentoring to assist them to gain employment. One young person, in particular, came at 14 years old with no education. Now 20 years old she is gaining her high school levels and has been able to save for a motor scooter which is extremely necessary as there is basically no public transport.


The numbers are so great

For the price of around a coffee a day, you can help ensure these children have safe housing, better education and emergency needs can be helped.

Sometimes a child who has been part of our family achieves university entrance. The sad thing is as often as this happens we find the family are unable to support their child through this valuable education. So Heart For Kids, with the assistance of our valued supporters, steps in to help and we find that sometimes we’re supporting children who are no longer young children but young adults studying to create a better future for themselves and their families to come.

We have many families whose income amounts to around $2 per day. These are families who are obviously in desperate need. Our small amount can and does make a difference as many children need sponsors now.

As one supporter said…”the numbers are so great… but we need to look behind the numbers… look into the eyes…and forget the statistics. These are children in need.”

For those children living in village families, we try to keep children in school; education is important for all children. Your sponsorship will not only do this but help provide food, clothing and medical assistance.

Multiple sponsors

Children in Doves Wings foster home need more than one sponsor per child. This is due to the high level of care and our desire to keep the number of children in each apartment small, more like a family unit. It makes sense that children in residential care require more funds than children who live in their family home. The photo of these children may stay on this page to enable multiple people to sponsor them.

For cultural and security reasons we do not put more information about individual children and young people on our website. If you would like to sponsor a child just click the child photo to see their name, birth year and country. When you click the sponsor now button include the child name and birth year in the comments field.

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