About Heart for Kids

We’re helping kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

Helping kids re-write life stories results in change for orphans or kids living in poverty and abandonment. Children like Cuilian and her auntie from China.  Because her life was greatly improved. We treat each child as an individual. Above all we’re looking for each child to understand in their spirit that they are loved and special. 

For rural children our programs provide a way for us to encourage children and their families to consider how they can make changes. The resulting changed circumstances could be higher education for instance. 

Child care in Asia is not straight forward, and in some areas it is simply not available to many children. On the other hand having child sponsors working with us enables us to provide for the increasing needs of these children.

Doves Wings and other child care homes where we serve are expressions of love and compassion being worked out actively. In China Doves Wings cares for orphaned babies until their adoptive parents. These are known as “Forever Families” who form the orphaned child’s future family.

“Dear Auntie & Uncle…thank you for the gift you gave to me. You help me go to school. I don’t know how to thank you. There are 2 people in my family, my auntie and I. My father left us this 1 story house and my mother passed away when I was 7 days old. My father died when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My grandma passed away when I was 9. Thank you for your help and concern that let us live like other people”. Written by a girl we are helping in rural China named Cuilian who is now 13.

There are millions of orphans

One way Heart for Kids is serving children is enabling them to stay in school and receive the best education available in their area. The estimated number of orphans in China is between 9 & 15 million orphans and for many education is a real struggle. It’s not just about humanitarian aid for the sake of doing a nice thing. Our child care & support programs help bring change for some of these abandoned & orphaned children. It can even save a life.

Will you help? Can you sponsor? If you’re not able to sponsor long term perhaps you could donate to one of our other projects which you can read about here in our website. This is how we partner together and bring change. Your help is what enables us to help kids re-write life stories and turn around futures.

Help kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

We encounter some heartbreaking stories as we spend time visiting children in our support network. One of our co-workers, brings news from a recent trip to a country area to visit some of the children supported through our mercy ministry… (more)

Sponsorship makes a difference

Your sponsorship for children we serve in China, India or Indonesia, and your encouragement and prayers do make a difference and as a result lives are changed.

Heart For Kids was born out of ChinaHeart International and the work expanded, serving children in other countries. We believed it was time to change our name to better reflect who we had become. The work of ChinaHeart and the ChinaHeart International Aid Fund now falls under the one name of Heart For Kids.

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