"If there was no help from Heart for Kids I can't imagine how my life would be"
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A Heart for Kids child

Safe Drinking Water and Education are the two best ways lives can be saved and improved physically. We're providing water bores and keeping kids in school. This is turning futures around for children in three countries.

Aslam and his friends had to walk up to 5 kilometres each way every day to fill containers with water from another village. Now they have a safe water bore in their own village.

 Lin Li looked like he would have to leave school at a very young age because of his family’s economic situation.

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Every child is unique and special. You can make a huge difference in a child's life by sponsoroing now. Poverty is the same yet different in India, Indonesia and China. Whether we're providing education or safe water, children's lives are changed.

Life stories are rewritten and futures are turned around.


Children have no school to attend. They walk many kilometres to fetch water because the water in their village is polluted and unsafe. Husbands spend their wages on alcohol and drugs so the wives don’t have money to buy food for the children. Learn more…


Youth and young adults now have a safe place to live. When possible they are serving young children in a local hospital with weekly programs. And children in urban villages have a Kids Club to attend where they learn many things. Learn more…


Our work began in China taking volunteers to serve orphans and abandoned children. We’re now providing children with education scholarships, a small family style foster home for todlers and programs for adults with special needs. Learn more…

Where possible we work with local churches to help children who have been orphaned, abandoned or are living in extreme poverty. We serve in India, Indonesia and China to help kids rewrite life stories and turn around futures