China has so many orphans

China's conditions have been improving, but there are so many orphans in China

The needs for China’s orphans and abandoned children are staggering as they try to care for millions of orphans. The government has been building new homes over the last few years, but it’s not just about the structure. Often they don’t have the skilled personnel to meet the huge need. In past years the staff-to-child ratio could have been as high as 1:40 in some homes. Thankfully this has improved greatly, but many would believe it’s still quite high.

Many of China’s orphans are healthy young girls and boys. But the greatest percentage now are children living with disabilities in one way or another. The conditions in which some the children live are often poor and meals usually consist simply of rice with some vegetables. State funding for these institutions, while they have been working to improve, is often not enough to cover expenses.

Help kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

Children with chalenges

Facilities for intellectually and physically challenged children and adults are in short supply.  When a child with these challenges reaches around 16 years old they will often be sent to an aged care facility. Homes can often be quite crowded.

The children lack stimulation and it is not unusual for an orphan to be left alone in its cot or room for many hours a day. Therefore, many of them become emotionally scarred for life and the normal pattern of child development is delayed. One of the saddest aspects over the years has been the inability to provide good training to the staff. The large majority are uneducated, and fewer still have had any basic nursing training. Attempts have been made to improve but the climb is steep. Some staff are overwhelmed by the needs and psychologically withdraw themselves from the grim reality.

The problems in these orphans homes are indeed overwhelming and the government struggles to deal with them. Heart For Kids seeks to help in these difficult circumstances. We don’t judge and condemn, we step in to help where we can and provide some additional care for orphans in need. This is through groups of people who will give of their time and resources to share their love with those in need.

Helping kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

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