Why Heart For Kids

This is a great question. Here is the Why, What and How of our ministry.


No matter what country or what physical circumstances they are in, children deserve to know Jesus and other people love them, and to have opportunity to grow to be the person they were created to be.


By supporting and defending orphans and widows as spoken of in scripture and connecting those who are able to give of themselves, sharing love as spoken of by Jesus, with those who are in need


We offer physical, emotional and spiritual care through foster homes, sponsorships, mentoring and orphanage support, and provide opportunities for people to come and share in this experience, with an end result that the children’s lives are improved.

Heart For Kids is a small, very hands on, organisation. Due to strategic partnerships with supporters we are able to save greatly on administration costs which means we can send a larger percentage of gifts to the child. We are a Christian based ministry seeking to always serve in culturally appropriate ways in each country.

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