Each country has it’s own visa process. You should visit the website in your home country  for the country you’re coming to with us.

You can use a travel company or apply directly yourself. To apply yourself go online and follow the steps they give you. Sometimes you complete an online form and the bring that with your passport to their office.

In all cases apply for your visa 6-8 weeks in advance. Read the instructions about how to apply carefully and check specifications for photo’s etc. They can vary from country to country. 

Never send your passport by ordinary post. Always use a service where your parcel is trackable.

Keep your own copies of documents and photos you submit in case they are lost somehow. You can’t keep a full copy of your passport of course but you can keep a copy of the main page with your photo.

All procedures are subject to change at any time so ALWAYS check online for current requirements when travelling from your home country.

Teams to China & India:

You should apply for a Tourist visa. When your travel dates are confirmed we can arrange a confirmed emailed hotel booking so you can then apply for your visa.

Teams to Indonesia:

Visas are not required by travellers from all countries to Indonesia. For instance Australians currently don’t need a visa. If you do require a visa you should apply for a Tourist visa. Check the Indonesia Visa Office online in your country. 

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