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We strongly recommend fasting from technology while on team. This allows you the space to be fully engaged with the activities going on with the children and your own feelings through this time which can be quite challenging.

We do recognise this can be difficult to do due to personal circumstances so we encourage you to remember that your usage charges from your home country provider will apply. These can be expensive on global roaming.

You can send short text messages home to keep supporters and family aware of prayer points. You need to check charges with your service provider before leaving your home and make your decision as to how to best use it. WiFi is generally available in many hotels these days so accessing emails and aps like WhatsAp can also provide lost cost communications home. Be aware that site like FaceBook are not accessible inside China without special software called a VPN.

Sometimes our in-country offices have limited or restricted Wifi data limits so we may need to impose restrictions on teams using our office connections.

Some hotels have Wifi, some still have cable connections. Sometimes the signal strength is great and sometimes not. What we’re saying is nothing is guaranteed and we can’t put our expectations from our home country service levels onto our host country.

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