How do I change my currency?

It depends where you are traveling from and to what country.

In Australian capital cities it is very easy to do foreign exchange. In other countries banks, especially the smaller ones, are not always equipped or stock foreign currency. So investigate this early.

If you are spending some time in Hong Kong then going into China you can exchange currency at the airport or downtown Hong Kong. Alternatively you can bring it with you from your home country airport as well. You might be able to exchange at Xian airport or you could do it before you leave your home country. Rates fluctuate and you just need to make your choice where to do this.

Keep in mind airports are rarely the best place to exchange larger amounts of money as their rates or fees are often the worst. We suggest speaking with your local bank or travel organiser.

Some team contributions can be paid directly to our office but in other circumstances we ask you to bring them with you and pass to our local representative. Your team leader will advise you of the situation for your team.

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