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Hi, I went through your website and I really appreciate the work you guys are doing and helping kids from different nations to get a better standard of living. I have a question in my mind that if I want to feed the orphans who are located in your orphanage at the moment, so how do I do that. Or if I want to spend a day together with the kids and feed them and donate some toys/clothes then how do i do that. What is the process of doing that? My birthday is nearing soon so i want to help kids by feeding them or buying them some gifts which might make them happy. Please let me know how to do that.

Hi Amrit. Thanks for asking about helping out. At the moment, in the middle of this COVID-19 year, it’s not possible to visit our Doves Wings foster home or any orphanages. Government regulations prevent that so a safe environment is built to protect the children. However your help donating to provide food for the kids in Doves Wings or food parcels for kids in India would be much appreciated. You can donate through our donations page

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