Safe water in villages

Safe water shouldn't be just talk

old village water pump

Safe village water is something we’ve been talking a lot about lately. And that’s for a really important reason. Because it changes lives. Now and forever. This is the experience in one village where we recently opened a bore.

We recently turned on the tap of a new bore. And when that happened, lives changed. Every water bore changes the life of between 1,500 and 2,000 people. In this village in India people mostly work as farmers and labourers. Some women work as housemaids and others stay at home. That was before COVID. Now work is very short, almost non-existent.

Children had to walk to neighbouring villages to get water. These villages were long distances away. The children would often spill some of their water as they made the long walk home after filling their buckets.

There was a hand well in the village but the small amount of water that could be pumped was extremely polluted. This caused sickness which in turn kept children away from the CDC when they were not well.

What was needed

Not only was there no safe water, but there are no schools in this village so two years ago a Child Development Centre was opened. Now about 50 – 60 children attend each day depending on COVID conditions. They receive the best education and care that they can through this CDC.

COVID led many villages to close their borders as villages feared COVID would be brought into their village. This increased the difficulties of getting safe water.

Another alternative was buying water. Tankers could deliver water to a village but it was extremely expensive in a time where many people had lost most of their work opportunities and therefore income. Also water tanker drivers didn’t always want to come to a village. They did not want to catch COVID-19.

Deep safe water

Our co-worker began in the village about four years ago and people began to respect and value his help. Other meetings, along with the CDC, started. They were really hoping for some help with a water bore and then we met.

We were able to provide for a deep bore of 130m. This is much deeper than the bores in villages which are only about 37m. At this shallow depth they only reach polluted water but our bores go much deeper to reach the clean safe water table.

The children and families in this village are so happy because of this water bore. They don’t have to pay for expensive water tankers. Distant villages are not blocking children from entering after long walks. They don’t lose time attending the CDC while walking to these other villages to get water and they are not getting so sick.

Indian children with safe water

The solution is deep safe water bores

This will prevent children from using unsafe polluted shallow water bores and therefore getting sick and not getting the schooling available? Sanitation, safe water. More deep-water bores. As many as we dig, the needs are greater.

You can sponsor a new deep safe water bore in part or even in full. Children will be healthier and better educated. Families are not forced to drink polluted water any longer.

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