Spiritual friends give spiritual cover

The Spiritual Friends program provides support for children who are not yet sponsored

There are always children in the Heart For Kids family who do not have financial sponsors. In fact, we never want to reach a stage where we can sit back and say “the job is done, every child has a sponsor”. So we keep adding children to our family of care.

When we include new children in our family we begin financial support straight away.  Sometimes a sponsor may not come along for many months. During this time Heart For Kids supports each child financially but we believe that every child should have at least one Spiritual Friend even before a sponsor comes forward.

Often there are people who would love to help a child, however it’s not possible at the time due to financial circumstances. Here is a way for you to help whatever your circumstances.

What would I do?

The role of a Spiritual Friend is not financial. It is to offer spiritual friendship for one of our children.

  • Pray for your child regularly
  • Write a short letter about every two to three months. You can do this online and it’s just a few paragraphs.
  • As you talk with friends about your spiritual friendship role people become aware and they may even be the one to sponsor your child.

Do I need training?

No. If you can be a friend to someone, that’s all the special qualifications you need. You’ll be their big brother, big sister, aunty or uncle.  As long as you carry out your promise to pray and write to your little brother or sister, niece or nephew, then you are fully qualified.

By being a spiritual friend in the Heart For Kids family you are helping complete the circle of love and care for each child, who are valued and loved in Gods eyes.

Must I speak the child's language?

No. We can translate your letters from if needed. If you have been on team with us that’s great – but certainly not a necessity

Whats next?

It’s simple to become a child’s spiritual friend. By doing so you can have real impact by spiritually covering a child in regular prayer and love. Complete the registration form in this flyer and hand it to one of our team, email, post or fax it to us as per the contact details. Children in the Heart for Kids family need Spiritual Friends.

Contact us and send your name and email address and enter Spiritual Friend in the message box. We will get back to you shortly with some more information and a few more questions.

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