India in lockdown

Covid19 in India is scary as the nation faces long lockdowns

The present global situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus is scary. Different countries face different levels of impact. China is returning to work, Australia is working mostly from home, India has just entered lockdown.

Covid-19 is a huge threat to the nation of India. As of March 23, 2021, India has faced over 30 million cases and suffered over 392,000 deaths. The growing number of cases, especially in village areas, is a big concern.

The country is in complete lockdown for many weeks now. There is a possibility of extending the lockdown dates to more weeks. There are very few essential things available in the shops and for these there are long lines. Here are few prayer points from our mission fields.

Migrant workers are travelling

Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, are leaving the cities they are working in to head home to their own villages, cities, and states. Many we serve in North India are migrant workers who work in farming, construction and general small companies etc…for daily wages.

As it is complete locked down in the country, people lack food, accommodation and other facilities.

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India crowds

Helping 3 families each

Since the Indian lockdown began people are forced to leave to their own states because they have no work or income but there is no transportation. No flights, trains, buses or even small rickshaws are not allowed. It’s a mass exodus with thousands of people walking hundreds of kilometers with their families to reach their states. 

So we started a program for a family to help 3 more families. Our families who can afford to will adopt neighboring 3 families who need food and other things until the lockdown is removed. Our heart is to show extra love to the needy in this time of need.  People are also receiving food parcels from seven food distribution centers.

Concern for the new families and those in training. We have many in our villages who are part of our community. Our leaders meet them often and equip them through various programs and training. But since the lockdown began everyone is restricted and should be staying in their homes. Our leaders contact them through their mobile phones and talk with them. Online streaming will not be possible as most of the people neither use the internet nor do they have any equipment in the villages.  So asking people to organize house meetings in these days. Please remember these new families so that they will be strengthened and grow.

Heart for Kids India program

The lockdown is impacting children in the rural villages and along with those families in the slums are of enormous concern for us. Our in-country team is providing the needed groceries and medicines to the children.

They are trying to make sure people have an awareness of the Covid-19 virus and how to battle it by and asking them to stay indoors and self-isolate.

Pray for our families as they face many challenges during this lockdown and virus. Especially pray for their protection, provisions and for good health.

Helping kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

Safe water bores are currently being installed in 1 village per month.

That keeps between 1300 and 2000 children and family members safe.

We would love to do more.

Old unsafe water pumps

New safe water bores

old village water pump - unsafe
girl in front of safe water tap
Girl in Indonesia project

It's not too late. Help children have safe water and safe places to learn this Christmas - new year