Giving money as a gift seem impersonal. Can I give something of my choosing?

We understand that many people would like to be able to choose a gift for their sponsored child. However the cost and logistics of this service are beyond our ability. There is also a high possibility of theft, over priced customs charges for our local offices and the postage costs are often very high.

You can send us flat items up to 300mm x 200mm (A4 paper size) which are made of paper or card; items such as bookmarks, photos or postcards. Be sure to write yours and your sponsored child’s name (and preferably their child number) very clearly on the parcel.

Really, giving a financial gift means that local centre staff in your child’s community will be able to consider your child’s needs and purchase a gift locally. This helps ensure your gift matches your child’s needs and cultural sensitivities and helps support the local economy.

You may give a financial gift using our Gift Page selecting Child Gift from the drop down “Area You Wish To Support” menu and insert your child’s name in the comments box.


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