Child Development Centres

Heart for Kids needing sponsorship in IndiaHeart for Kids needing sponsorship in IndiaWith one program partner we are providing daily care for children who don’t have the education to gain access to regular schools… yes thats right. So the development centre provides a venue for children to come to daily and receive basic education with the plan being to raise their levels to that where the schools will accept them.

You can sponsor the children in this program who desperately need support and these sponsorships are tax deductible in Australia.

Sponsor a Child

Children’s homes

 Our other partner is  delivering 24/7 care for children through one girls home and two boys homes.

The children come from different backgrounds. Some are orphans, children of HIV/AIDS-affected parents but are themselves negative. Other children have parents who are commercial sex workers. There are children of parents with leprosy and incurable diseases. Our children receive love, care and attention in a safe & protective home. Their needs for food, clothing, medical treatment are met here. They also receive a formal education.

Childrens Work India partnering with Heart For Kids

Unlike some children’s homes in India our three care homes each have 24/7 electricity and running water, attached toilets and bathrooms. The dormitories are equipped with individual beds & cotton mattresses for each child, and individual storage space for their belongings.

We don’t provide a child sponsorship program in this program as changes in direction within the government’s child welfare initiatives have made this rather difficult.

Donations and gifts to the children’s homes are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible in Australia.

Sunflower India

Our team began 11 years ago by giving milk powder to a destitute woman who was infected with HIV & could not breastfeed her child. Today this is the Project Sunflower which reaches over 300 individuals.

Sunflower India

India has the second highest infection rates of HIV/AIDS in the world and if it doesn’t slow down this will lead to as many as 50 million cases. Through Sunflower over 100 HIV-positive women, who were abandoned by their families, now receive support. This is in the form of groceries, clothing, and medicines every month and they meet at our facility monthly for a day of fellowship and support.

We also have field-workers who provide support and care for women trapped in the commercial sex trade. These women are trained in tailoring, embroidery, bag and jewellery making, or baking. This equips them with skills to seek new employment when they come out of the sex trade. Girls who have been rescued & are being looked after at our homes are also provided similar skill training.

The Link between these programs

Many of these women have children and so the Sunflower program is very much in line with our heart to serve children in need.