What is expected of me?

Our teams are very hands on and practical events. We are there to Come – See – Do, not simply Come and See. So team members will be involved in most aspects of the team. Helping plan activities and resources, leading or assisting in activities and is possible helping on the final day to sort and re-organize the resource cases in our office.

In the child programs you’ll play, listen, read stories be creative & feed babies. Possibly bath them, clean them & put them to sleep. Programs with older children will of course be different to babies programs but some of the activities will be similar.

Each day we will have team meetings which all team members need to attend unless due to sickness. Most days we will start the day with a team meet and many days we’ll have a time together in the evening as well.

Our teams are inclusive. By this we mean that people may come from various cultural or church backgrounds or non-church background. We are a Christian ministry and as such will lead our teams based on Biblical principles. Our team meetings will include devotions, prayer and musical worship. Someone will lead a devotional and we invite all team members to take a part in that. The team meetings are also an opportunity to de-brief how things have been impacting or challenging you. We strongly urge people to be open to sharing their experiences in the team gatherings.

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