How can I connect with my sponsored child

Heart For Kids encourages sponsors to participate in the life of their child.

How can this happen:

  • Pray regularly for your child and their family
  • Sponsors are encouraged to write occasional letters to their child with update from your life and pictures. These letters allow your child to share in your life and relationships are built. Letters will be forwarded to your child as and when our team are visiting them. Sponsors are provided with guidelines for letter writing. Please note that we have limited resources to manage letters between sponsors and children. Every letter to a child must be processed by our translation team, then sent to our in-country team and finally given to your child. It’s not a simple task but we value the impact of letters greatly. We ask that you write to your sponsored child a maximum of once in four months.
  • Provide gifts for your child’s birthday or Christmas. We’re not able to send actual gifts to your child so a gift of money is the best method. This will then be used locally to bless your child in the most appropriate way.
  • Commit to a long term relationship with your child.
  • You can write a letter to your child by clicking here
  • All communications between sponsors and their children or in-country offices go through our international office and translation team to protect the security of each child we serve.
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