United Kingdom supporters

Donors from the United Kingdom can now easily access the Stewardship giving platform

We partner with Stewardship to simplify donations for friends and supporters living in the UK who wish to access Gift Aid.

Since 1906 Stewardship has been helping the Christian community in the UK to give and to receive.

We love making giving easy and help over 25,000 individuals to give around £60million each year, to our database of over 19,000 charitable causes. Stewardship are committed to strengthening Christian causes, by offering practical, tailored support to help Churches and Christian charities to transform the world.

This is for donations and gifts other than child sponsorship.

If you would like to regularly sponsor a child please contact us directly here.

Click to learn more about Stewardship.org.uk

Click to go straight to their donation page for Heart for Kids.

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Helping kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

These children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with at the end of this financial year.

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Hi, our children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with

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