You have the power to make a huge difference in someone's life, right this very moment

It’s David Ryan (Founder of Heart for Kids) here.

I wish I could sit across the table and personally explain why I’m asking for your help.

You have the power to make a huge difference in someone’s life, right this very moment. Seriously, it’s as simple as taking 2 small steps, but the impact could be life-changing for a child or a whole family.

Here’s what’s possible if our faith for this appeal becomes reality:

  • We’re talking about providing clean, safe water to 12,500 needy people. That’s not just a drop in the bucket; it’s a tidal wave of faith, hope and health.
  • Then there’s education. Your support could mean 200 kids getting to go to school every single day, without worrying about a single cost. It’s like giving them a golden ticket to a brighter future.
  • And we’re aiming to give a home to 20 children in Sumatra. That’s love, stability, education and feeling safe for each child.
  • And in India twenty ladies in every tailoring school we run will be able to care for their children themselves. Tailoring schools where women in each group can learn valuable skills to support themselves and their families. It’s like giving them the keys to independence and success.

So, what do you say? Will you pray and seriously consider helping?

Scroll down or click for more of their their stories about safe water, child development centres, Sumatra children’s home and women’s tailoring schools, and let’s join forces to make a real difference. Your kindness and compassion today could mean everything to someone in need.

Let’s do this together!

David Ryan
Founder & Snr. Leader
Heart for Kids

New water bores for 12,5000 people in India saving them from sickness

safe water flowing from tap

Picture this: you’re parched, desperate for a drink. You head to the kitchen tap (nearest source of water), hoping for relief, only to find a murky, contaminated mess staring dribbling into your cup. It’s not just undrinkable; it’s a toxic cocktail, a recipe for disaster.

In a world where clean water is a basic human right, imagine being denied that fundamental necessity. Imagine being Sunitha, watching your loved ones fall ill, powerless to stop it. Imagine begging for help, only to be met with indifference and apathy.

But then, a glimmer of hope emerges and thanks to great supporters we’re able to offer hope.

With their unwavering dedication, Sunitha’s village is transformed. No longer do they fear the tainted water; now, they have access to the life-saving elixir they so desperately need. No more sickness. No more agonizing treks for water. Just pure, unadulterated relief.

Can you feel it? The weight lifted off their shoulders, the tears of gratitude streaming down their faces? It’s not just a change; it’s a revolution. And those wells? They’re not just sources of water anymore; they’re symbols of resilience, of triumph over adversity.

Sunitha and her village aren’t just surviving anymore; this safe water has turned so many things around for them.

Children in Sumatra deserve a safe and caring home

Sumatra children's home

Imagine in the aftermath of a tsunami being struck by a catastrophic 8.7 magnitude earthquake. This happened to the children and their families living on a tiny island off the coast of Sumatra. Nearly two decades have passed, yet the scars of devastation still run deep, haunting the lives of its inhabitants.

Now, picture a young couple, their hearts overflowing with compassion, taking the risk, and opening a home to 20 children. These kids, some who have parents, but some do not, have no one else to turn to. Their families or carers are simply unable to provide for them. So, they find sanctuary in the care of this young couple. But their struggles are far from over.

In a world where even the simplest of luxuries are a distant dream, these children know all too well the meaning of deprivation.

The fridge, a popular place in many homes, now stands far from full. And as night falls, they lay down to sleep on worn-out foam sheets, no doubt dreaming of a better tomorrow.

We had to stand with them.

We’ve taken a stand alongside this courageous couple, determined to rewrite the narrative of despair. Children now sleep in healthy comfortable beds;  we’ve offered a lifeline of stability. 

No more empty stomachs, no more restless nights. With your support, we’re filling their fridge with nourishing food, ensuring that hunger never again knocks on their door.

But our hope doesn’t end there. These children deserve more than just survival; they deserve to thrive. That’s why we’re committed to providing the tools they need to build a brighter future. From school fees to sports equipment, from books to necessities we take for granted, we’re giving them the chance to dream, to learn, to grow.

These children need your help. These children need our help, now more than ever. Together, let’s rewrite their story. Let’s show them that they’re not alone, that their future is filled with promise and possibility. 

Because every child deserves to know where their next meal is coming from and that their dreams are within reach. Every child deserves to know they are loved and special and have a chance to grow into the people they were created to be.

Child Development Centres give FREE education every day in India

Child Development Centres

Imagine a world where potential is often left untapped, where bright minds sit in the shadows with limited opportunity. That’s where Sangeetha’s story comes in, like a (shining) light breaking through the darkness of neglect.


She’s from the Chamar or Dalit caste, one of the most under-privileged, where education is a distant dream. Her parents, unable to read or write, struggled to make ends meet. Her dad is a day-labourer in the fields but her mom’s illness drains their meagre income, leaving little for anything else.


But Sangeetha, despite the odds, had this hunger to learn. Problem was, there were no schools in her village. Imagine that, wanting to learn but having no way to do it. It’s like being thirsty in the middle of a desert.

Then, out of nowhere, came the Child Development Centre. 

It was like a lifeline for Sangeetha and kids like her. Suddenly, doors that seemed forever closed swung wide open. Sangeetha’s future? It took a complete U-turn.


Now, picture this: over 200 kids, just like Sangeetha, flooding into the CDC, buzzing with excitement. Their laughter, their eagerness to soak up knowledge, it’s infectious.


And get this – word about these CDCs is spreading like wildfire. More villages want to give their children these opportunities. It’s like watching hope spread from one place to another, like a chain reaction of change that all started with one girl’s dream.


Women's tailoring schools in India are releasing families from poverty

Women's tailoring school

Ren wrote saying… I am so happy today that I have completed my 6 months course and got the machine today. It was my dream to learn a job, work and earn money to look after my family. 

I never went to school as there was no school in our village. There is no such companies or factories in our village as we live in a rural village. My husband is working in the cultivation fields. But he spent most of his money in drugs and alcohol. There is no other income other than his income from his work. So most often I and my two little children struggle to live.

I was not able to meet even my children needs. So I desperately needed some job or training by which I can learn and work. Then someone from my neighbourhood told me about his training here and I shared them my situation. They accepted my application form and I was admitted.

Now I learned various styles and designs and got a brand-new machine. Both the training and machine was free for all of us. Now I will start my small business in my home. I am confident now and will have a better living. Now I will send my children to school. 

I have a big desire to support the orphans and widows in my village. I will make clothes for them and feed the poor people in my village with a part of profit I will get.


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Safe water bores are currently being installed in 1 village per month.

That keeps between 1300 and 2000 children and family members safe.

We would love to do more.

Old unsafe water pumps

New safe water bores

old village water pump - unsafe
girl in front of safe water tap
Girl in Indonesia project

It's not too late. Help children have safe water and safe places to learn this Christmas - new year