How to sponsor a child

As a child sponsor, you can make a difference!

Becoming a child sponsor is easy. Just follow the steps below.

Your help provides kids with a better future through the path of sponsorship. These links will show you the work being done for children in each country. Have a look at the program information for each country.

Visit our page and meet the kids in need. One of them may just connect with you. As you click an image you’ll see the child’s name and birth month. If you want to sponsor that child make a note of the details.

Children in China

Children in India

Click the sponsor a child button. This will take you to a secure form. We only ask you for the information we need to set you up as a sponsor and link you to your child.

Enter the child name and birth month in the comments field. If you’d like us to select a child for you tell us that in the comments field.

Many people ask how much of their sponsorship is sent to country programs. We’re proud to say 82% of donations are dedicated to the children’s work directly.

If you are not able to sponsor a child but would like to make a gift to help children in need your gift, not matter how small or large, is very much welcomed. Using your credit card via our secure web page is the easiest way. Simply click here to donate via our support page. You can also use PayPal or go to your bank online to make a transfer. Links are on our giving page.