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As a child sponsor, you can be a part of the team making a difference!

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Sponsored children write letters to their sponsors

Thank you for your interest in being a child sponsor or supporting our work financially. It’s only through the partnership of financial sponsors that we can bring care and support to so many children. Around 83% of gifts and donations are allocated to our child projects.

Becoming a child sponsor is easy. Simply visit our page to see children who need sponsors now. The go to our Sponsorship page to commence your financial sponsorship.

Our Heart For Kids family is made up of children living in orphanages, foster homes and villages. We also have a few young people who are attending university. Sponsorship has meant they can take advantage of the opportunity to attend university which they could never afford otherwise. The result of this is that they will have greater opportunities in life because of their higher education.

If you are not able to sponsor a child but would like to make a gift to help children in need your gift, not matter how small or large, is very much welcomed. Using your credit card via our secure web page is the easiest way. Simply click here to donate via our support page. You can also use PayPal or go to your bank online to make a transfer. Links are on our giving page.

Or if you would like to speak to one of our team in Sydney about child sponsorship simply give us a call on +61-2-9533-4096

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