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Your support makes a huge difference. Our heart is to help children know they are loved and special and your gift helps us do that. Especially as we face the challenging impact of COVID-19. The need for support continues to increase during 2022 as families have faced desperate and extremely difficult times. Child education, women’s training and empowerment and safe water are incredibly important areas to support.

Food distribution from our van India

Dayworkers, which many of our children’s families are, lose their income if they are not employed TODAY. If they don’t work TODAY they don’t get paid and they don’t have money for food etc. So your help during this particularly difficult season is really appreciated.

On their behalf, we would like to say a very big thank you. Gifts are processed by our secure card processor, eWay and you will receive a receipt from their website.


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These children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with at the end of this financial year.

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Hi, our children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with

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