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Heart For Kids Girl in India

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Thank you for your donation to help in the area of {Area you wish to support:4}. Your donation and support make a big difference. Our heart is to help children know they are loved and special and your gift helps us do that. For instance, it helps us provide medical assistance for a young teenage girl in India who inherited and is now living with AIDS. She was not able to get medications because of their poverty. But when she was told our supporters were helping her she not only improved physically but emotionally and spiritually.

On behalf of the children we serve we would like to say a big thank you {Name (First):1.3}.

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Helping kids re-write life stories and turn around futures

These children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with at the end of this financial year.

Heart for Kids girl and boy

Hi, our children have special urgent needs we hope you can help with

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Indian children with safe water