Christmas and New Year’s are upon us and I’d like to share three really important & urgent issues with you please. And with this comes an invitation to you to change a life.

The first one is a new concern that is on our hearts this year, but the others we have actively been working on for quite some time.

Number One

Would you send your child to school carrying their books and pencils loose in their arms, or even in an old plastic bag? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Neither would I when our children were school age. And that is exactly the situation we are trying to turn around for many children living in poverty.

About 200 children in our direct Child Development Centre (CDC) community alone come from families where they are too poor to be able to afford school bags. And there are many more than 200 in surrounding villages where we have relationships but don’t currently have a Centre. 

school bag

These children don’t need or even want fancy school bags. (I looked online recently and the cheapest school bag I found in Australia was about $30, but some were nearly $200! Incredible!) For these children, simply going to school is a luxury. The children I’m talking about are so happy just to be able to come to one of our Centres. It’s the only place they can get any education. Shouldn’t they have a school bag to carry their simple books and pencils?

Number Two

 Something else these children are facing is a lack of safe clean drinking water. You and I go to the kitchen, grab a clean glass and turn the tap. What comes out is safe, clean water. For so many children in India, they go to the village bore (assuming it hasn’t dried up) and begin pumping water from about 40 meters down.

Boy in India drinking safe water

It’s polluted, dirty and tastes bad. To avoid using this pump they have to walk 3 to 5 kilometers to fill a bucket and carry it home for their family… every day.

During this year we have been able to give children in five villages safe, clean water that automatically runs, quickly, from a depth of 120 meters, as they turn the tap. One child was amazed and even commented on this saying ” I am so happy today. This is good water. This water came so powerfully and quickly it filled this bucket. Earlier I used to get a little water from the school in my water bottle. Now I can carry water from this place any time”.

It’s clean, safe and tastes good. So, it not only is it enjoyable to drink but it means the children don’t get sick drinking it. And if they are not sick, they can come to school and get more education. It’s a win-win situation.

Number Three

Children want and need an education. We’re helping these children in India, China and Indonesia. For schooling, we might picture immediately education that costs thousands of dollars per year plus the special after-school activities. We might even picture classes that had to go online, so parents took a quick trip to the local electronics store for a new computer.

But I am talking about children who don’t have tables and chairs for learning, who often don’t even have a local school that can or will accept them. I’m talking about children that I’ve had the honor of sitting and visiting with in these local communities.

Children who can only come to a local village center that voluntarily accepts every child in need and provides a safe loving environment for the children to learn, at least the basics, to help equip them for their future.

These are children who attend Kids Club in an urban slum village in the afternoon so they can safely learn and not be wandering the streets alone.
I’m talking about children who, without some help to stay in school through a form of scholarship, would be forced to leave school, often in their early teens, and take a menial job without much of a future. Just so there was some money in the household.

I’m inviting you to help, to make a change for a child. Just click the image above for the area you would like to help in.

Would you also share these needs that children are facing right now with your friends or colleagues?

Please visit our website to give securely to these important and urgent needs. Your help will make a change in a child’s life. Please pray for the children we serve, that we will see eternal turnarounds in their lives.

Best regards, and a very safe, happy and holy Christmas New Year,

David Ryan (B. Min, Ps. SCAC)
Founder, Snr Leader
Heart for Kids

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