Children in China

Doves Wings

The children have been abandoned for various reasons and usually, all have physical challenges. In this home environment, they receive much more dedicated care than they can in the much larger institutional style orphanage. We are not an adoption agency however we have cared for over 45 children in the process of adoption. These children are now living with their Forever Families. Learn more…

Doves Wings kids

Educational scholarships for rural kids

This was the first area where Heart for Kids began helping children long term. There are so many children who are living in poverty who were not able to complete their normal high school and had no hope of continuing to tertiary education. We stepped in to help them realise their dreams. Learn more…

ChinaHeart children

Little Fish for children and adults with special needs

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Our Little Fish team provide activities for children from around 5 years old through to adults in their thirties that allow them to learn a lot about self-expression through dance, music, play and craft. Learn more…

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