Jae needs help but not many are willing

Your help is needed by Jae and many other children

You’ve probably heard the saying, give a man a fish and they eat today, teach him to fish and… you’re right, you change his life. We have family members who need life changing experiences, life changing help, today. I’m writing to ask for your help for those we serve in India, Indonesia and China.

Girl in Indonesia project

Over 258 million children in the world today cannot go to school. Millions of these children live where we serve. Children like a little girl we’ll call Jae. If Jae doesn’t get an education she will be facing a life of ongoing poverty. Because it’s education that disrupts the ongoing devastating impact living in poverty causes.

When a child receives education, and they have a chance to keep using that knowledge, their whole future changes.

Jae is an orphan. She lives with her grandmother who works as a house maid. She used to go with her when she goes to work.  They do not have a school in her village so when Jae couldn’t go with her grandmother to work she would just roam the streets.

She always wanted to learn the alphabet and numbers, but her grandmother could not afford to send her to a school in the city. Now Jae is so happy that she can join our Child Development Centre to receive a quality education for free. Both Jae and her grandmother are so happy that she can learn to read now and her future has been turned around.  

Women want to help their children but they don't have the means. They are now being trained for small business.

Imagine a little girl grows up without any education. She enters into a marriage trapped in poverty. Or where the husband is addicted to drugs or alcohol. There is no money in the family to feed children properly and certainly no money to pay for schooling even if there was a school available. She is trapped and now so are her children.

Now imagine this mother whom we’ll call Sarmi, and 19 others, has an opportunity to learn a skill. She attends a free 6 month training school where they learn how to design and make clothes. As they graduate from school, like Sarmi did recently, they receive a sewing machine totally free.

They can now use their new skills and tools to help their families break free from the cycle of poverty.

womens tailoring school

These ladies can then sell their new clothes in the local markets and offer a repair service. Their future, and that of the children, is changed forever.

Safe water stops families from getting sick and helps children stay in school

We can provide centres for the children to learn and training for their mothers, but if they get sick because their only local water supply is dreadfully polluted then their situations don’t change very much. Waterborne illnesses keep children from attending school and ill parents also struggle to support their families. A lack of clean water keeps the entire village trapped in a cycle of sickness but money spent on water and sanitation has shown better than a 400% return or improvement.

In the last year water bores we have funded have helped nearly 20,000 people but we have more villages lined up in need because no one is helping them.

India water pump

Please give your tax deductible gift (in Australia) now, just in case like me you might forget later. 

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If you’re a person of prayer please remember our children and co-workers serving in this incredibly important area.

Thank you so much,

David Ryan
Founder and Snr Leader
Heart for Kids

Safe water bores are currently being installed in 1 village per month.

That keeps between 1300 and 2000 children and family members safe.

We would love to do more.

Old unsafe water pumps

New safe water bores

old village water pump - unsafe
girl in front of safe water tap
Girl in Indonesia project

It's not too late. Help children have safe water and safe places to learn this Christmas - new year