Future Activities

Future activities are those we hope to add to our existing work.

Future activities include adding additional staff, resources, equipment or even facilities that will allow us to grow in the future..

To provide greater care or flexibility in programs requires people, staff who will have the time to grow the work we do. We have volunteers and people are very generous with their time in the programs. However we reach points where the volunteer staff can’t do more because they also need to earn a living through their regular work. As well as this employed staff have often agreed to work for wages that are quite low. We believe and have a heart to be a good employer in our programs and so wages are always a difficult area to manage.


  • University student education support fund
  • Little Fish additional staff
  • Part time rural education staff
  • Doves Wings apartment painting


  • Annual entertainment event such as a day at a water recreation park
  • Education fund


  • Building fund
  • Special activity team, such as clowning in the local cancer ward

All graphs are updated quarterly

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