Finance is naturally a critical component in serving the children. We value the support we receive from each and every donor. *

Heart for Kids leadership has never been focused on the finance but instead done our best to keep our eye on the benefits brought about for the children we serve through the generous gifts we receive. In fact we may even have been guilty of not saying enough about finances and our needs and desires.  The truth is that there is never enough money. We do all that we can with what we have, but if we had more we could do more.

Each country we serve in has a different financial model. In China we are committed to fund a child’s education as soon as we accept their application. In India and Indonesia we provide funding once we receive a sponsor or gift. We have our budget but we always want our budget to be growing.

We hope that if you are considering providing a gift and would like to allocate it to a specific area of service this page will help you choose.

Heart for Kids Overall financial snapshot

Our budget snapshot is made up of projects needs, future activities and resource we hope to add and emergency funds. Above are the graphs that show the overall picture for the organisation, then country by country. Below are links to discover more about actual funding areas.

*All graphs are updated quarterly

We have a general report for the year July 2017 to June 2018 available on our resources page here.

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