Village children’s education

Village children’s education often suffers as many leave school early to help farm their land or begin work

This is because their families, living in very poor circumstances, need the additional income these children can gain from working on their small farms or other business. Often the children are living with elderly grandparents who can no longer work their farm. Sometimes the family just don’t have the finance to enable their child to stay in school.

ChinaHeart village work

Visiting a sponsored child from a village

Through village children’s education scholarships ChinaHeart enable children to continue their education as long as possible, sometimes even assisting young people to complete university or trade education.

These children, part of our ChinaHeart Family, all have difficult life stories. For instance one little girl’s father had an accident while collecting scorpions in the mountains. These are much needed in Chinese medicine and good money can be earned selling scorpions. He fell and badly damaged his back. Not long after this the little girl’s month left the family and moved to another place. Then the father was involved in a road accident and injured his arm. He can do very little work now and the two of them live with her elderly grandparents.

ChinaHeart village work

A sponsored student from a village writing to his sponsor

Another girl, now in her teens, was abandoned as a baby. In fact, in a way she has been abandoned twice in her young life. Her foster dad was drowned in a flood through the village area. She now lives with her foster dad’s brothers. She is loved by her uncles and when I met them I could see that love in her eyes.

We visit with children and provide some mentoring by our local team. Children have often said how much they value this.

Your sponsorship enables us to maintain this valuable work.