Little Fish

Most special needs children in orphanages don’t get opportunity to learn self expression.

Little Fish is opening a door for this group of children, most of whom have special needs. We have established classes to learn some musical instruments, dance and handicrafts and through these provide an opportunity for self expression that is quite unique. It might be hard for many to understand but these children simply don’t receive much opportunity in their lives.

ChinaHeart Little FishFor many they spend their days sitting in a room, perhaps with a television to watch. So the highlight of their week is having our team come and give them opportunity to do something very different through their dance and music. The children are in various classes receiving tuition from our team on a weekly basis. Our visiting mercy teams also take part in this program, bringing a fun games and crafts program when they visit.

During a recent visit one of the older children shared with our team her hopes for the future. It was quite amazing to read what she had written about her dreams and hopes. It brought a tear to our co-worker’s eye as she pondered the reality of this child living out those dreams.