Doves Wings

How did Doves Wings start?

Doves Wings is an important part of the vision ChinaHeart has for small foster homes caring for children in China. The first Doves Wings opened in 2010.  In 2011, Doves Wings 2 began with the renting of a second apartment in order to care for more babies and children given to us from the orphanages. Recently we were really encouraged by this comment from a lady who sometimes helps out in Doves Wings:

I am very impressed by the standard of care, food and hygiene at the Doves Wings home. Well done, I know it is very difficult to achieve here.

What do we do?

ChinaHeart children

Joy is living in Doves Wings

We provide a loving and caring family-type environment for the babies and children we have been given from the orphanages.  In addition to meeting emotional needs, in July 2013, we started a kindergarten to meet the educational and development needs of our children.  The kindergarten has been named “Little Joey’s” (a Joey is a baby kangaroo).  The Doves Wings children attend Little Joey’s each weekday morning and participate in singing, dancing, art and craft activities and play, just like other children around the world.

How many children are being cared for?

This varies however the maximum number of children we cater for is 18.

How many staff are employed?

Currently we employ around 25 Ayi’s (carers) who have a heart to care for these children.  We maintain a ratio of approximately 1 ayi to 3 chidlren during the day.  We also have an additional Ayis preparing the meals for staff and the children.  We are very fortunate that one of our team is trained in teaching and she looks after Little Joey’s Kindergarten.

Who oversees Doves Wings?

ChinaHeart children in Doves Wings

Teaching in Doves Wings

Bev is an Australian lady who served with us during the setting up of Doves Wings and together set the pace or tone for how Doves Wings operated. Bev has now returned home to Australia and Doves Wings is led by our local staff in conjunction with our Sydney team.

We are blessed to have helpers & advisers from other parts of the work available to assist as well.

Our local Chinese administration team look after all the day by day operations of Doves Wings and liaising with orphanages etc. This also includes the management of the staff,  purchasing of essential items such as milk, nappies and other household goods, and managing the finances associated with running the two Doves Wings apartments, the kindergarten and office.  We also have some volunteers who come to help out on a regular basis and they are a real blessing.

We value having had Bev with us and would love to talk with anyone who feels a call to come and serve in the same capacity.

How is Doves Wings supported?

We rely on donations from supporters.  Financial assistance also comes through sponsorship of the children. Doves Wings is one of ChinaHeart International’s projects, founded by executive director David Ryan.