Poverty and abandonment prevents millions of children in China from thriving. ChinaHeart serves these children.

We are not an adoption agency, nor are we a large multinational humanitarian aid organization.

Because of this we often find ourselves able to get in and help where others may not be able to. Being a Christian organization we see many Biblical calls to help care for orphans, the needy and oppressed who are marginalized and living in poverty. ChinaHeart is called to serve these children living in poverty. To express love and compassion in action for children who, through no fault of their own, are struggling sometimes even to survive. One young girl we care for was abandoned as a baby.  Her foster father then drowned in a flood. Now she is cared for by his brothers. Our mission page  provides further information in this area.

children in poverty

The kitchen of one of our rural children

ChinaHeart is helping to bring change for China’s children living in poverty and abandonment, 1 by 1. We seek to serve in a way that makes a difference. Our foster homes provide loving, caring, nurturing environments. Preparing children hopefully for their Forever Families. Our rural educational scholarship program seeks to enable families to leave their children in school as long as possible. Morning Light provides great day training for special needs children. We also help their parents. The children are preparing for adult life. In Little Fish special needs children are taught how to express themselves through music, dance and building their skills in handicrafts.

ChinaHeart children

Teaching in Doves Wings

We are also involved in a program we call Boot Camp. This is a locally run boarding school for teenagers who have been experiencing difficulties in their families or in school. One day each week we lead an international class teaching English and other areas.  We also take our international volunteer teams to spend time with these children. They are helping with their English, teaching about our various countries and cultures and having some fun along the way.

Short International volunteer teams are an important part of ChinaHeart. Team members give of their time and finance to come and bless the children in various projects and orphanages through games, crafts, singing, plays and other activities. Teams are approximately two weeks in length and run three times each year. Poverty comes in many forms, not only financial. For children to know in their spirit that they are loved and special is a wonderful thing to see.